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1E&3M PP Melt-Blown machine

Product introduction:

在线看片免费人成视频PP Melt blown filter cartridge production line adopts the melt blown technology, makes the belt blown microfibers form coreless tube thought a special receivers. The diameter and density of the microfibers can be changed by adjusting the process combination so that to get filter cartridges with different filtration performance.

Main features:

PP Melt blown filter cartridge production line realized the automatic production of PP filter cartridge, can produce unlimited length of PP filter cartridge continuously so that greatly reduces the raw material consumption. It has the features of high productivity, low power consumption, low loss, high automation, etc.


Model 2E&2M 1E&3M 1E&6M
Rated power 55KW 65KW 80KW
Actual power 28~32KW 40~50KW 50-65KW
Voltage 380V, 50HZ or as customized
Raw material PP
Filter precision 1um,5um,10um,15um,....100um
Inner diameter 28 mm(15-38mm adjustable)
Outer diameter 38~200mm
Length 10''20''30''40''....100'
Output 3200~4200PCS/24H 3800~5000PCS/24H 6500~8500PCS/24H
Weight 4.0 Ton 4.5 Ton 5.8Ton
Layout 35~50㎡ 60㎡ 70㎡


Air compressor Melt-blown Mainframe
Controller Extruder Automatic receiving &cutting machine

Optional device:

Grooves machine- Garving groves on surface of PP filters.

在线看片免费人成视频Garving machine-Making your company logo&name on surface of PP filters.

Packing machine-Packing filter cartridges by film.

在线看片免费人成视频PP filter cartridge show:

在线看片免费人成视频 Smooth surface, Orange peel surface,Grooves surface、 Logo on surface

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