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String Wound Filter Cartridge


在线看片免费人成视频Winding filter cartridge machine is mainly used in the fields of water purification, beverages, foodstuff, chemical,greases,pharmaceutical, electron, environmental  protection etc. It’s a dedicated machine for the winding of different yarns, threads on filter cores,characterized by high speed,  good yarn/ thread shape,  automatic stop at yarn/thread’s fullness,prompt yarn/thread replacing and low energy consumption etc.One machine can produce one or two sizes of filter cartridges, we call it single-head or two-head.

Technical parameters:

在线看片免费人成视频Winding Line Speed: 40~32om/min, constant line speed is available according to product requirements.

在线看片免费人成视频 Max. Winding Diameter: 200mm. (a diameter slightly above 200mm is available on client;s request)

Power Supply: AC380/220V 50HZ /60HZ

Power of motor: 180w/10”,250w/20”, 370w/30”&40”

在线看片免费人成视频 Motor Speed: 2800r/min

Winding Frame Material: Polypropylene, stainless steel etc, on client’s request.

在线看片免费人成视频 Winding Frame Inside Diameter: 10、12、14、16、18、20、26、28、29、30、32、40、60mm ect. 

在线看片免费人成视频 Winding Reciprocation Stroke. It’s generally:

5"(125+2mm)﹑10"(250+4mm)   ﹑20"(500+8mm)﹑

在线看片免费人成视频 30"(750+12mm)  ﹑40"(1000+16mm) ﹑50"(1250+20mm) ﹑

60"(1500+24mm) ﹑70"(1750+28mm) ﹑80"(2000+32mm) ﹑

90"(2250+36mm) ﹑100"(2500+40mm)

在线看片免费人成视频 (Other reciprocation strokes are available within a certain range on client’s request)

Single Spindle Panel Sizes: (WXH)470x350mm

在线看片免费人成视频 Inner diameter of the filter cartridge: 28mm/30mm, other sizes are available on client’s request.

在线看片免费人成视频 Outer diameter of the filter cartridge: 29~200mm

在线看片免费人成视频 Filter cartridge precision: 1um,5um,10um,20um,50um,100um etc.

Filter cartridge length: 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”... 100”, or on client’s request.

在线看片免费人成视频 Capacity: 60PCS/hour on the basic of 10 inch

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